The Texas Outlaw Story

Welcome to Texas Outlaw, judged America's GREATEST RIBS and barbecue all over the nation. We compete and win, national BBQ competitions all over North America every year, serving well over a quarter million pounds of BBQ from coast to coast.


We started in Houston, TX. We use our same seasoning and slow smoking style that gave us those results in great flavor you'll have to experience.


We produce REAL TEXAS BBQ with the authentic pink smoke ring in the meat created by our spices and 6-13 hours of slow smoke. The smoke ring means you're getting real hickory smoked barbecue, not some white, mushy, boiled, broiled or baked meat. We didn't earn the title of GREATEST RIBS IN AMERICA or LEGENDS OF BBQ by serving anything but quality meat, spiced and slow smoked in the best made smokers in the world. You can be assured you will never eat pre-cooked, frozen or microwaved meat at TEXAS OUTLAW. Our smokers operate 24 hours, around the clock and if we don't sell it tonight we throw it away tonight. As my grandmother always said, "the proofs in the pudding". Stop by our restaurant, sit back, relax and enjoy an authentic BBQ meal.


Thank you

Jim Clayton